Sunday, October 2, 2011

Exciting Happenings!

Hello, everyone!

There was no newsletter for September because much was developing and happening!

I will hold one last event at my place for a New York medium/shaman - Alexandra Leclere. After that, all events will be held at the new roost for The Owl's Lantern! Read on...

Sunday, October 9th
2 pm
$35 per person
At my Fullerton residence; seating limited to 14 people

Alexandra Leclere is a noted medium and shaman, and author of "Seeing the Dead, Talking with Spirits: Shamanic Healing Through Contact with the Spirit World." She has been featured in the media a number of times and appears in Southern California at The Bodhi Tree and other venues. Because The Owl isn't open yet (more below), she will appear at my place and channel messages from Spirit. Seating is limited to 14 people.

Alexandra is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient energy healer who uses her connection with the Spirit World--through seeing, hearing and sensing--to help others heal by identifying and removing their personal obstacles, bring power and joy to their lives. You can visit her website at

For now I'm doing private readings/circles, no classes yet, because...a place has been found for The Owl's Lantern! The lease will be signed this week (knock on wood) and the projected opening date is Saturday, October 22nd. There is much to be done in the interim - booking teachers and readers, healers and artists, events, workshops and classes, getting the place ready, putting together social and print media...I will send out another e-mail to let everyone know the address and definite opening date soon!

With joy and excitement - and let's give Alexandra a big welcome! - SUE

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