Monday, June 6, 2016

What's the difference between spirit guides and spirit circles?

What's the difference between spirit guides and spirit circles? Is there even a difference? You bet there is!  Let's start with spirit circles first. Don't say I didn't warn you: This is going to be a long post!

As a medium, I bring dead people through to their kith and kin.  A circle is when two to ten people are sitting in the same room, and the chairs are literally arranged in a circle. It's kind of like the Arthurian Round Table concept, where everyone is equal and no one has a dominant position. Sitting next to me doesn't guarantee that you'll get the reading that has the "wow factor."  Sometimes people are seated in a semi-circle in front of me, but it all depends on the location. 

Okay, so I connect, and usually one of my guides or someone on the other side acts as a major-domo, ushering people in for me to bring through. I describe what I'm seeing, hearing, feeling, etc. to the person for whom this is intended. That sounds pretty straightforward, doesn't it? In my dreams. Whenever a circle is arranged, they - the folks on the other side - are as excited as all get-out, because many times it's the first contact they have with us, or they've been in touch and are looking forward to it again. In other words, it's party time. They chatter back and forth, old acquaintances are renewed or they meet new people and hit it off.

Which translates trying to sort it all out. The ones who initially come through are the ones who made it to the head of the line by any means possible. Most mediums will tell you that they cannot guarantee who comes through, or that not everyone will get a reading. Sometimes they say the message for one person is applicable to several people. I disagree. Utterly and completely. The ones who get to the head of the line? They communicate louder/better. What about the ones who are quieter, or gentler, or more shy? They need to come in. And there are those of us who badly need to hear from so and so. Now, each circle takes two to two and a half hours, depending on the number of people present...and the really talkative ones. I have only so much energy available. So I try to set aside a time in the last half-hour or so to ask people if they want to hear from someone in particular. Yes? Give me their name and I'll get to work. This clears the way for that quieter soul to come through.

Because I never let anyone leave my circle without a reading. Ever. You're in the circle because you want to hear from your loved ones. It's as simple as that.

By the way, please don't tell me about your peeps before the circle. I need to go in with a clean, blank slate so that what I'm bringing through is not something I know.

Now, spirit guides? That's not the same thing as your peeps on the other side. We all have a team of Spirit Guides.  We come into this lifetime with lessons to be learned, purposes to fulfill, knowledge to be acquired. Our team is assembled for this purpose. Some guides come and some go, as we fulfill a purpose or master a skill. But we have three guides at all times - the Master Guide, the Life Guide and the Protector Guide.

I teach people how to connect with, and talk to, their Spirit Guides in a two-hour workshop. Each workshop consists of discussing the purpose of our guides and what they do; journaling; learning a shielding technique; doing a focusing; and being taken down in a semi-guided meditation to a level where people meet at least one of their guides. And, oh my goodness, the stories afterward! Everyone's experience is utterly unique, everyone's guide is just as unique. No, no one shares guides. Each of us has a specific, customized team.

Equally important, our guides learn from and through us as well. See that last word in the previous paragraph? Team. That's what you are, a part of a team. You happen to be the team member in human form on Planet Earth. You're carrying out the assignment agreed upon between you and your team. They're helping you (guiding you) to carry out that assignment.

And our guides really, really want us to be in touch with them. Why? Ask them yourself! You can!

Interested in any of this?  Contact me at lilithm at juno dot com and we can work out the details. The maximum number of people for workshops or circles is ten, because of the time and energy factor.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

In Lilith's Grove is being brought back. I closed The Owl's Lantern in January 2015, and I've let everything (except the logo) about the Owl fly free. Someday, perhaps, the Owl will return. But in the meantime, I'm back and working through this site, as well as the Facebook page of the same name. It has been nearly four years since I last posted here! Stay tuned, more to come as I reacquaint myself with