Monday, May 16, 2011

New Circles, Classes & Workshops!

New circles, classes and workshops! Contact me in the Comments section or e-mail me if you have my e-mail address for reservations, directions, and questions.

SPIRIT CIRCLES - Sundays, 1 to 3 pm, May 22, June 12, July 17

As many of you know, I bring in loved ones, friends, four-footed and other companions, and, time permitting, messages from various guides. Join us for a whole lot of love, laughter and joy in reconnecting with our loved ones! No two circles are ever the same (and, yes, the M&Ms will be put out for everyone to munch on). $40 per person. Bring a friend, get $10 off ($35 per person)! 10 person maximum.

DEVELOPMENT CIRCLES - 2nd & 4th Mondays, 7 to 9 pm, June 13 & 27 and July 11 & 25 (if there's enough interest, I'll add May 23)

New! Are you interested in meeting your Spirit Guides? Connecting with your Higher Self? Hearing from the Other Side? A safe, quiet zone is provided with supportive energy for you to meet, connect or hear from those in the other realm. Guidelines are provided and discussed, and there will be various guided meditations as well as other formats, and you can journal or discuss what happens - but you do not have to share what you hear if you prefer. The supportive energy comes from everyone in the room and is shared among the group - and helps to ramp up the connectivity. This is not progressive in that you don't have to attend each and every one of them, but anyone can attend one, skip one, or come to them on an ongoing basis. $15 per person, 6 person maximum. Evenings are when energies are quieter, thus making it easier to "hear" or connect to the other side, but if there is interest in daytime circles, let me know as one person has expressed that interest - it's worth a try.


SYMBOLS IN TAROT, Tuesday & Wednesday, May 24-25 7 to 9 pm, $25 each night or $40 for both nights - Tarot is rich in symbolism and we'll use the Rider-Waite deck (bring yours if you have one), but we'll also look at your other deck(s) and examine the symbols. For example, why is there a lemniscate over the Magician's head and what does it mean (the figure 8 on its side), and why does he have one arm up with a wand and the other pointing downward? Why does Temperance have one foot in the water and one on land? Is there a reason for each suit to have a different color background? The first night we'll look at the Major Arcana and the second night, we'll look at the Minor Arcana (including Court Cards). Beginners and advanced alike are welcome!

TAROT LAYOUTS, Tuesday, June 7 7 to 9 pm $25 - In this workshop, you'll understand why we don't just flip cards over one at a time but arrange them instead in a specific pattern, with meanings assigned to each spot. We'll look at the basic 3-card spread and compare that to the 10 or 14-card Celtic Cross and a couple of far more complex spreads, and discuss how you can create your own tarot spread that works for you. Beginners and advanced alike are welcome, too, but it does help to have some familiarity with the cards.

INTRODUCTION TO TAROT - a six week course that introduces you to the world of Tarot, in which you learn the meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana, the associations, how to do basic layouts and so forth. If there is interest expressed in this - previous students are always welcome to return for tune-ups! - I'll set aside six Wednesday or Thursday evenings for this and announce the details. Minimum of two to hold this class open.

NEW MOON TAROT - this is for people who have taken my Tarot classes and meet to practice the New Moon spread with discussions on the previous month and month to come. It takes place on the day/night of the New Moon or within a few days/night after that. The next New Moon is Wednesday, June 1st so a date will be selected between June 1 and June 6 as May draws to an end.

LONG BEACH WOMANSPIRIT FAIRE - Saturday, June 18 10 am to 4 pm - sharing a booth with my colleague Charles Filius in doing readings all day. It's at the Unitarian Universalist Church at 5450 Atherton, Long Beach (near Bellflower, not far from Cal State Long Beach and the VA Hospital) and this marks my 16th year of being at this semi-annual faire! Definitely great fun.

ASTROLOGY 101 - If anyone is interested in an ongoing class or a one-time workshop on what the signs and planets are all about, give me a holler and I'll work something out.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Balancing Acts & Grumpy New Agers: Sedona

Welcome back to the Grove! During the first week of May, I got to combine two things I love to do the most - being in nature and being a metaphysical and psychic teacher/sherpa. (There are one or two other things, but not here, folks.) I was last in Sedona 24 years ago almost to the week and my guides told me I needed to return, to be a sherpa and to connect once again with them. Everything fell into place so quickly and smoothly, it almost unnerved me but I just simply went along with it all. I have to say it was great seeing California in the rearview mirror for the first time in four long years.

And if you don't know where you're going / Any road will take you there.
(Any Road, George Harrison)

This rather helpful signpost appeared at the end of an unexpectedly long hike around Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. A walk in the park? Thanks, Coyote, thanks for that one. I can hear you laughing, still, all the way over here.

Sedona is famous for its energy vortexes (or vortices), which can be divided into three categories:

Upflow vortex - a site where energy pours out of the earth (male or yang; energizing). It's found on mountain or mesa tops.

Inflow vortex - energy flows into the earth (yin or female; healing and introspective). It's found in canyons and geologic depressions.

Some locations have vortexes that are balanced between the two types in addition to having both uptake and inflow vortexes.

The whole south end of Bell Rock is where its vortex energy is located - and it has all three forms. When I saw this sandstone area, I was covered in goosebumps and said, "There's no way to remember this...but this is where I met my first guide in 1987..." It was. I don't know the name of the cliffs (I'm sure they have names; everything apparently has a name in Sedona) but when I sat down, facing south, the road, they were behind me to my right. Being at Bell Rock was a homecoming for me among the Old Ones.

Behind me, to my left. It's a very large sandstone formation and my feeling is that this is the nexus of Bell Rock's energies. Repeat this picture twice more and you'll have an idea of the sheer size of it. It's a great spot any way one views or feels it, which brings me to another point. The energies are there but how they're sensed or perceived varies from person to person. They can be subtle, or they can be overwhelming, or they can have a great many nuances. When one enters from the parking lot on the south side, one walks right into the energies and it isn't until one goes to the west end, away from the sandstone formation, that the energies subside and one can compare the differences.

This is to my right, due west, from my seated position and I've revisited it over the years, fleetingly, in my dreams. That may be Cathedral Rock in the distance. After that vantage point, continuing on the trail, the energies quiet down but still spike in other locations on the trail. That was the first day in Sedona and Coyote (aka Trickster) was very much a part of that day and evening!

Truly red-rock country. In 1987, after several days, I said, "This is Mars with vegetation." That still holds true. This is to the right of where I was sitting at Airport Mesa, an uptake vortex located in Sedona by, natch, the airport. Maps pinpoint where the vortex is at Airport Mesa but I am telling you, the energy moves around. One indication of such energies is in the juniper trees - if they're straight, not much energy. If they're fantastically twisted and warped, you can bet on energies being in the area. It was a far easier hike and when I sat down, the reason for my return became clear as it took place there...and I have a lot to sort out from that deep, profound experience. That was part of the second day.

Third day, Cathedral Rock, which is on the west side of Sedona. It's an intake vortex. One enters by way of a park trail to Oak Creek and that is a lovely creek. Before, medicine wheels constructed out of rocks were everywhere. I saw only two - on Cathedral Rock's trail - but what blew me away was seeing all these balancing rocks everywhere by Oak Creek. My perception is that it's a Zen-like act of balancing and helping to balance within. They are impermanent, much as the Buddhist sand paintings are, and when the creek rises, they'll be washed away...and rebuilt by others at another time.

The water is so clear! I can easily get lost in watching the interplay of sunlight and water, reflections, refractions, and the like whether in this creek or in Aquarium of the Pacific or a swimming pool. When I return, I promise myself a good half hour or more of watching the dance between sunlight and water. The water is cool but not cold as I'd expected - probably due to the sun's warmth retained by rocks. Its clarity allowed viewing of hundreds of tadpoles at one location, with dragonflies and damselflies hovering over the surface, and a water spider or two skittering on the surface.

The stillness within us is reflected to the world without. There was a cutoff spot, creating a small, cool, quiet pond with murky waters, perfect for reflecting the sky, the trees and the south side of Cathedral Rock further up the trail. This one was a formation in the sandstone itself, creating a pool for however long that water lasts.

Okay, that's Cathedral Rock in the distance and Oak Creek going by. It was wonderful to be surrounded by water and green, leafy vegetation after the previous two days, let me tell you. The energies were so wonderful that I wanted to dance even though I have two left feet (shod in hiking shoes). Next time.

See the stuff on the sandstone at the left?

O-o-o-kaaayyyyy. That day, there were a lot of New Agers in their 20s with "leis" made out of string and little scraps of cloth, very colorful, scattered throughout the canyon. They had incense going (decent incense, I might add), healings, meditations, whatever. But any time they were greeted on the trail with a smile or a "hello" - they scowled, or looked straight ahead, or stuck their noses up in the air. Upon returning to the park proper and sitting at a cement picnic table in shade, it was noted that they were in two groups. I went to wash my hands and asked a young woman with a "lei" if there was a special event or workshop going on. She glared at me and paused, then snarked, "Um...NO." She spun on her heel and strode off looking as grim and earnest as the rest of the two groups did. Excuse me? Since when did the quest for spirituality become so joyless, disdainful and humorless? I was part of the first wave of New Agers all through the 80s (and the end of the 70s) and none of us had that attitude - there was joy in the quest as one of my fellow new age sojourners commented when I recounted this to her after my return. This was also seen and re-confirmed on the fourth day with someone else, in two different locations - uptown Sedona and again at Cathedral Rock.

Which brings me to this. We are all on the Journey of Life, and we are on a great many different paths, seeking the same, ultimate goal. Our paths are woven together intricately - or they may not intersect - but no one path is better than anyone else's path; no one is superior to anyone else. Take joy in the path and remember to laugh because that eases the path.

My deepest and most heartfelt thanks to the Old Ones (most particularly the Lady, Coyote, and Tony); to the ravens and Raven; to my friends, who helped me to remember to laugh again, among other things; and even to the grumpy New Agers. This was a profound journey and learning curve during and after the trip, and while it will take some time to process and understand everything about it, I have faith in the process itself. Blessings. I'll be back, Sedona.