Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer's here with a whole lot of fireworks! While the search continues for The Owl's Lantern to find her own roost, I've put together some exciting and fun doings at my place and one other location. A big THANKS to those of you who came to the LBWS Summer Solstice Faire last Saturday - you helped to make it a great day!

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone who would be interested in attending, and if you're interested in attending, please reply to this e-mail for reservations and directions.

7 - 9 pm, $15
Ongoing - 2nd & 4th Mondays
Maximum of 8 people

This circle has gotten off to a great start! The focus is on you learning how to get in touch with your spirit guides, your loved ones on the other side, or your abilities. This night, we'll continue getting in touch with our guides and obtaining information from them, while continuing to learn to work with energy in an informal, relaxed setting. Dress comfortably and eat lightly before coming.

2 pm, $35
Maximum of 10 people

The "Comedium" is back for another spirit circle loaded with laughs! Need I say more? M&Ms will also be present!

7 - 9 pm, $15
Maximum of 8 people

As we continue to work with our spirit guides and hopefully meet even more guides, I'll discuss how our bodies and senses (physical as well as extra-sensory) play a part in the work that we mediums and psychics do. Newcomers are always welcome! Dress comfortably and eat lightly before coming.

Sunday, July 17 SPIRIT CIRCLE
1 pm, $40 (bring a friend, $35 per person!)
Maximum of 10 people

Join me for a circle full of love, laughter and joy in being with our loved ones again! And, yes, the M&Ms will be available!

Sunday, July 24 ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE & WAR...OR IS IT?
1 - 3 pm, $25
**Different Location** Jade Hula & Healing
13730 Goldenwest, Suite B (upstairs), Westminster
(714) 609-0937 or e-mail me

Okay, you say, I'm a Gemini and my partner is a Virgo. How come we get along even though all the books say we're not supposed to? My boss and I are the same sign so why do we drive each other nuts? Or you might say, well, I'm a Cancer and I can't understand my Scorpio child, help! No worries, help has arrived in the form of this fascinating workshop - which will help you to cope with your boss, child or partner! You'll learn about signs and why they're compatible or incompatible with each other, as well as how the planets play their part (including Mars and Venus) in creating compatibilities or conflicts and how to handle them. Spot readings are included! I have over 40 years of astrological experience and observations to bring to the table.

7 - 9 pm, $15
Maximum of 8

I haven't decided yet what this evening's format will be...but it'll be interesting!


As always, I'm available for readings and spirit circles at my place or at your place. Just e-mail me and we'll work out the details. (I won't be available for readings between July 28-August 2.)